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Flash Covers Through History by Jeffrey-Scott
Flash Covers Through History
The new Flash TV show on the CW, brings up characters that were first created back in the 50s and 60s.  So I thought I would do this brief history.  It is kind of an artwork of information =P (Razz)  (it is a colleague of actual covers found doing internet searches)

I heard someone say that they should have followed Wally West flash instead of Barry, but many of Wally's villains were first introduced in the Barry Allen Comics.  So it makes for good story telling to do Barry's story.  I know there must have been some Wally West villains introduced in the The Flash Volume 2, but you have to admit he did fight many of his Uncle Barry's villains (villains like Reverse-Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Boomerang, and the Trickster).

Another thing that makes these comic books of importance is their value.  A good quality Issue #123, is worth $8,000 for example, because it introduces the DC Multiverse.  The issue was also mentioned on an episode of Big Bang Theory as being in Sheldon's collection.

Note:  I included issue 8 of "Crisis On Infinite Earths" because it is so pivotal in the story of the Flash.
Time Travel Flash by Jeffrey-Scott
Time Travel Flash
I did this drawing of the Flash running so fast he Time Travels.  It is the CW version of the Flash.  Drawn in pencil, and Colored on the Computer.  I made the background look like space, to emphasize the epic quality of time travel and its cosmic effects.

In episode 14 of the Flash, Dr. Stein tells Barry about how, with enough speed, he could get on the free flowing highway of space-time and travel into the past.  In the scene he shows a blackboard with equations about time travel, so I thought I might as well use the actually math shown in that episode to show off the intricate nature and reality of time travel (the reality within the show that is).

Hope you enjoy. :)
The Holy Trinity Is With You by Jeffrey-Scott
The Holy Trinity Is With You
There is a lot of atheism going around the internet lately, and they seem to point to God's wrath in the old testament as a reason not to believe in him.  I thought I would do an artwork to combat it.  Does God have deadly uncaring wrath if he is also love?  My view is that an all powerful being is love, and he cares about us in all his ways and in all his forms.  Human life is suppose to start with love, that is the best way it all fits.  Love seems universal and true, strengthened three fold by way of the Lord Almighty.
Sea Duck In Crayon by Jeffrey-Scott
Sea Duck In Crayon
I visited the Crayola Experience, and it was geared towards childen, but I still had a good time.  It got me thinking about crayons and how good the artwork could get with them.  I could see a lot of potential.  So I went on to work on an artwork with them to see what I could do.  I choose the Sea Duck from Talespin, and I think it came out good.  I sketched a drawing in pencil and colored it in with only crayon.
TaleSpin World Map by Jeffrey-Scott
TaleSpin World Map
I noticed there was no detailed map of the TaleSpin World anywhere to be found.  The Show came out in 1990, and there are fans of the show of many ages.  I have always been a big fan of the show.  It is a world where everything revolves around flying airplanes.  The time period has been described as 1940.  The world has a lot of interesting places, and many funny names.  It is like a parody on the real world.  A world of Fun Adventures. This map took me over 20 hours to make, over the past month.  It was not easy to compile it all together so it makes the most sense.

Much of the stories in the tv show take place in Cape Suzette and Louie's island (often spelt as just "Louies").  They are located within the square doted lines.  This area has a consistent look throughout the show:

Map from E14 "Stormy Weather":…

Map from E03 "Plunder & Lightning Part 3":…

And there have been shots of a map shown in more then one episode that is more of a world map:

Map from E32 "Last Horizons":…

I also used this great resource, and I would like to thank the TaleSpin Source Page for such detailed notes:…

To make it all make sense, I had to find a logical way to fit it all together.  And there was a way, and it was nice to see it all come together.

Notes: The world map, much like the "Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings" maps, is not a continuous map, where you fly out one end and end up coming out the other.  In a sense it is kind of mystical that way.  And I am fine with that. There is a discrepancy in episode 65 "Flying Dupes" that could not be accounted for when making this map.  They point to Thembria as an island near Cape Suzette, but the Country is always cold and Cape Suzette is remarked as being a place where it never snows.  So they must be further apart.  Also Thembra has so many locations that it must be a rather large Country like Russia and not a small island.  So, I decided to make Thembra part of the large Continent and make the other island Geezerland (which is a location with many old people and would make sense to be more south like Florida). I also made the map look like it was from the 1940's time period, to add more realism to it.

Interesting Fact: Cape Suzette is part of a larger Country, much like the United States in many ways.  But the Country is never mentioned in the entire show.  So fans came up with the name Usland.  Thembria is thought of as THEM-bria, so there must be an US-land.  This is where Usland comes from, and I did decide to add that to the map, for the fans.

Hope you enjoy :)

Artwork through the ages

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 5:41 PM

I've been doing artwork for a very long time, ever since I was a kid.  It seems like ages have passed. Art is relaxing, art is inspiring, art is wondrous.  But to me one of the biggest aspects of art is its ability to transform our inner selves; a closer tie into our origins, for we are selves were created.

Today Jan, 19 2012 we are given a free premium membership for a day. It comes with some nice perks so I thought I would add another journal entry. Looks like my artwork has been added to people's favorites 2,495 times.   One thing I would have to say about my artwork being appreciated by so many people, is I have a sense of accomplishment.  Which seems harder and harder to come by as one gets older.

As for the pieces I've been working on lately, people like my "Avatar: the last airbender", "How to train your dragon", and "Zelda" artwork, the most.  Which definitely encourages me to do more of that.  People seem to really like fan art, to bad there is no money in that due to trade mark issues.


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